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My Party Rock Anthem

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post and really this is going to be more of a free thought stream than a well thought out post.  It was mid week and having got home late, starving, with a … Continue reading

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Silver and Gold

There was a song from 4-H club, when I was in grade school, that was sung at the end of every club meeting.  (Yes, I was a member of the 4-H club!)  But one of my favorite memories is of … Continue reading

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Margie’s Candies – A Ledgendary Chicago Chocolatier

Muse on the Move… Walking through the door of Margie’s Candies, transports you back to another time when life was simpler, slower paced and inside of Margie’s, definitely sweeter.  The Chocolate Muse (TCM) visited Margie’s in Bucktown during the middle … Continue reading

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Muse on the Move

The Chocolate Muse (TCM) is excited to announce a segment called “Muse on the Move“.  TCM will venture out to local establishments in the Chicagoland area and post a review on the “Muse on the Move” page. I’m extremely proud … Continue reading

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I was quite surprised at the reaction of so many, to my Frappé picture on The Chocolate Muse’s Facebook page.  Frappé is a coffee drink that originated in Greece and is available at most cafes there.  Drinking Frappé has become … Continue reading

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Today, along with the errands I ran, I happened to get sidetracked in the world of social media.  Seriously, one can spend a lot of time working on tweets and Facebook posts and such.  Before you know it you’ll be … Continue reading

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You say Potato, I say Patera

“There are two kinds of people in this world…. People who are Greek, and those who wish they were!” You probably think that this is a line from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  But nope, it’s not.  This … Continue reading

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People are like Seven Layer Bars

Another weekend has passed and another wonderful weekend filled with enjoyment of my daughters and time with friends.  Life has a way of presenting challenges and unexpected situations and this last week and weekend was no exception.  A close friend … Continue reading

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Red Velvet For My Soul Mate

Imagine a creature with human characteristics that is round in shape with four legs, four arms, two faces, four ears, etc. This human-like being would be a powerful creature with mighty abilities and able to undertake great feats of strength.  … Continue reading

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Chocolate Covered Yoga?

Someone jokingly asked me recently if there was anything I haven’t tried to cover or coat in chocolate.  I actually had to stop and think about it.  And a funny thought popped into my head.  Yoga.  I’ve never really combined … Continue reading

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