About Me

Hi! I’m Katerina. I love chocolate and I love baking.  Really, I love foods of all kinds and I enjoy cooking too. But, I’m especially partial to baking.  I bake for everyday meals.  I bake for special occasions. I bake to give gifts. I bake when I’m happy and I bake when I’m sad. 

For years I’ve had requests from friends and neighbors to bake for birthdays and special occasions.  And school holiday parties?  Hands down the most talked about baked goods at school!  Sometimes people will ask me if I am willing to share my recipes or food secrets with them.  My answer? Absolutely!  There is no greater compliment than someone wanting to duplicate a recipe you just shared with them.

So, with the encouragement and support of family and friends, I give you The Chocolate Muse, a place to share my baking experiences and “secrets”.  

Feel free to contact me at thegoddess@thechocolatemuse.net

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