Silver and Gold

There was a song from 4-H club, when I was in grade school, that was sung at the end of every club meeting.  (Yes, I was a member of the 4-H club!)  But one of my favorite memories is of the boiled egg competition.  What is a boiled egg competition you ask?  Basically, you boil eggs with extreme precision.  You intensely monitor the egg position during boiling time to ensure that the egg comes out perfectly. So, that when the judges crack open your egg and slice it in half lengthwise AT the competition, the yolk is the perfect color of yellow and located in the exact center of the egg white.  Trust me.  This is no easy task!  Feather in my cap:  I brought home a blue ribbon!

Ahhh, but I digress.  What I started to talk about in this post is friendship.  The lyrics to song we sang at the end of every meeting started out “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other is gold.” And if you’ve been reading all along, you may remember a bit or two about some of the gold ones.  Now I’d like to talk silver.

After several years of being acquaintances and running into each other at school functions and in the community, this new friend and I finally made time to get together when she invited me to her lunch at her home.  Luckily, none of my life stories frightened her off and we spent a very relaxing afternoon in her beautifully landscaped backyard enjoying a leisurely glass of wine and a light lunch. What does this have to do with chocolate?  Why, gelato, of course.  Chocolate Gelato!  She served fresh fruit with chocolate gelato to top of the afternoon.  Martha Stewart couldn’t have planned it better.

Now, mankind has historically explored for new sources of precious metals and stones. People have studied Alchemy throughout the ages.  Little did they know that all it takes is a great conversation, a glass of wine, a scoop of gelato and you can turn silver into gold.

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