Margie’s Candies – A Ledgendary Chicago Chocolatier

Muse on the Move…

Walking through the door of Margie’s Candies, transports you back to another time when life was simpler, slower paced and inside of Margie’s, definitely sweeter.  The Chocolate Muse (TCM) visited Margie’s in Bucktown during the middle of the week after spending the morning at a Chicago art museum.  We sought out Margie’s specifically for the ice cream sundaes and because of its reputed old-fashioned candy store atmosphere.  And let me tell you, we were not disappointed.  Of course we wanted to have a bite to each for lunch and decided to give Margie’s a try for that too.  It wasn’t crowded and the service was pretty quick.

The menu offers an extensive variety of ice cream creations with a small space reserved for a few lunch options, but varied enough for even the pickiest of young goddesses like mine.  If you have a voracious appetite, I would suggest that you eat somewhere else and come to Margie’s for dessert.  If on the other hand, you just want a bite to eat to prepare your stomach for dessert, you should be satisfied with the meal options and portion sizes.

There’s a lot to look at, including dolls, tchotchkes, mementos and Beatles memorabilia.  The Beatles are reputed to have visited the Bucktown location in the 1960′s after playing at Comiskey Park.  My oldest, who happens to be quite the Beatles fan was thrilled with the idea that she walked through the same door the Beatles passed through, stood in the same aisles they stood and possibly even sat in the same booth.  The only thing that has really changed since then is the carpeting, which has replaced the classic 30′s-40′s black and white checkerboard tile flooring.

As for the ice cream, we all loved it!  The number of homemade ice cream creations seem to be unlimited with lots of delicious toppings and always a wafer cookie on the side.  The hot fudge, which accompanied each of the four orders at our table is served in its own gravy boat style serving piece, so it doesn’t melt the ice cream before it gets to you, not to mention that you can add as much as you like.  (There was no left over hot fudge at this table!)  The sundaes are all served in unique shell-shaped bowls, which just makes it extra special and something for the kids to always remember.  On our way out we picked up a box of assorted chocolates, because we just couldn’t stuff ourselves any more.  Needless to say, they were gone within 24 hours and now the little darlings are asking, “when are we going back?”

Substitutions are not a problem at Margie’s, so you can have your sundae exactly like you want it.  Awesome and fabulous!  Margie’s does not disappoint and is worth a trip to the North side from anywhere in the city or suburbs.

Margie’s Candies is located at 1813 West Montrose Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood and the Bucktown location is at 1960 North Western Avenue.

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