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The Chocolate Muse (TCM) is excited to announce a segment called Muse on the Move.  TCM will venture out to local establishments in the Chicagoland area and post a review on the Muse on the Move” page.

I’m extremely proud to have visited the Wheeling location of Lynfred Winery as my first review.  Prompted by the spirit of Dionysus with chocolate as inspiration, I visited the winery about a week ago with a good friend.  This wine store is situated in a quaint area known as Sale Barn Square with the main winery located in Roselle, Illinois.  Upon entering you are immediately made comfortable by the staff.  The from the oak wood bar to the cellar rooms, the atmosphere is friendly and easygoing.

Our host, Matt, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention patient as we pelted him with question after question.  The object of intrigue for me was a chocolate dipped bottle of wine.  At Lynfred Winery, you can select a bottle from their wine varieties and they will make it into a great piece which would make an excellent gift.  The bottle is first shrink wrapped and then dipped in dark chocolate seven times and drizzled with white chocolate.  A perfect gift for a vinophile or chocophile (or both)!

Being a wine newbie, if I was hesitant about appearing ignorant about wine prior to visiting, I definitely wasn’t when I left.  Matt spent plenty of time explaining the types of wines available and assisted in selecting some for our tasting.  We each selected 3 wines according to our own taste.  They have a variety of options for wine tasting and the options change every month.  There is something for every palate, whites, reds and fruit varieties.  He then taught us some wine basics, and before I knew it I was swirling like a pro!

We spent a wonderful afternoon visit and really enjoyed the entire experience.  The winery also offers cheese plates and chocolates and is capable of hosting private parties.  TCM is thinking its a perfect place to start a girls’ night out.

We also got a peek at the next month’s options and TCM spotted an Ice Wine 2007 on the list.  Oooooo!  Well, look at the calendar, is it July already?

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2 Responses to Muse on the Move

  1. Chocolate and wine; a perfect pairing! Thank you for such a lovely post on our Wheeling location! We can’t wait to see you again! – Your friends at Lynfred Winery

    • thechocolatemuse says:

      Post update: We were back for girls’ night out on Friday and had a blast! Even got a new wine club member.

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