I was quite surprised at the reaction of so many, to my Frappé picture on The Chocolate Muse’s Facebook page.  Frappé is a coffee drink that originated in Greece and is available at most cafes there.  Drinking Frappé has become a culture in and of itself and quite addicting to those who have had the pleasure of drinking it, especially in an outdoor cafe.  Just stirring the ice cubes around with the drinking straw gives off a distinctive sound that is quite pleasurable, even addicting and is unique simply because of the frothy characteristic of the Frappé.

I mentioned Frappé the other day to a couple of non-Greek friends of mine and they both exclaimed how much they miss their Frappés and lamented the fact that they no longer get to enjoy Frappé because their Greek neighbor who made it for them moved to a different suburb.  They described a frozen type drink that she made in a blender, which to me sounded like a sort of Frappé-frappuccino.  From what I understand Starbucks locations throughout Greece have both frappuccino and Starbucks Frappé on the menu.

So, I started to delve into this topic a bit more to see what I could find out about making a Frappé with variations.  Of course, you can vary the amount of coffee, sugar and milk used, but what about adding something else into the mix?  I only recently found out that some people add Coca-Cola to their Frappé.  At first, this kind of struck me as kind of funny, like the European version of milk and Pepsi, a la Lavern & Shirley.  And though I never gave Lavern’s favorite drink a try as a kid, I may get brave and give ‘Frappé-Cola’ a try.

I’m also thinking that we could kick it upscale, adults only, adding a bit of liqueur, such as Kahlúa or Baileys Irish Creme (satisfying the Greek and Irish in me).  But then my thoughts come back to where I started….. chocolate.  Let’s make one with chocolate!  Making Frappé with chocolate milk or even adding cocoa to the coffee before blending it could make a drink that is out of this world!

If you’ve never made Frappé before and would like to try it, make sure that you purchase the correct type of Nescafé.  Don’t buy Nescafe Taster’s Choice instant coffee.  Make sure it says Frappé on the can.  (Hint: it will usually have Greek writing on it too.)  You won’t find directions for making Frappé on the can, because it’s kind of a trial an error process to find out what suites your individual taste.  The basic recipe is 2 spoonfuls of coffee and 2 spoonfuls of sugar, mix with a bit of water, add small ice cubes or crushed ice to the top of the glass and then top off with milk.  Click this link for a short video on a pretty good demonstration on how to make Frappé.

Now, sit back, put your feet up (insert sigh) and relax…..Life is magnificent!

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  1. Roni says:

    I will tell you cola and milk not good.. yes i have tried it. I have never had a Frappe… but the picture looked yummy. Anything you can mix chocolate and coffee is good to me…. And adding a liquor in it is nice also.. little Irish cream goes a long way… thanks for the yummy alternative to ice coffee…..

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