People are like Seven Layer Bars

Another weekend has passed and another wonderful weekend filled with enjoyment of my daughters and time with friends.  Life has a way of presenting challenges and unexpected situations and this last week and weekend was no exception.  A close friend and I have been holding a continued discussion on personality and character over several conversations recently.  Sounds philosophical, huh?  Not really, just sharing opinions and experiences.  We each come away with ideas to think about and a perspective on things that our own myopic viewpoint does not allow.

This time the big question was, ‘Can we ever truly know another person?’ We would like to think so, and the romantic in us wants to believe we can.  But there can be many layers to a person’s character, and it’s difficult to truly get to know them, if they only let you see what they want to you see.  D.L. Moody said, “Character is what you are in the dark.”  As we move through life and deal with events and situations that happen to us, we develop character.  We add layers.  We remove layers.

My opinion is that when you get to know a person over time and they begin to change, they are just removing another layer.  So really, what you are seeing isn’t something new, it’s been there all along and they are just now letting you see their true self.  How you deal with what is revealed is up to you.

We may question whether or not we are strong enough to cope with what is presented to us.  This is where we discover the layers of our own self and what we are made of.  We reach down into the depths of our soul, the core of our very being, where we find the strength and the ability to handle what is going on.

I am lucky to have many people in my life who serve as examples of this strength of character and I am astounded at their ability to overcome obstacles in their lives.  These are some awe-inspiring people!

This week’s dessert is in honor of these amazing people.  It was chosen by one of my biggest fans (though quite small in size and age).  This little muse has taste tested many of my creations, even before The Chocolate Muse came to be.  The first recipe is the classic Seven Layer Bar, which I’m told is at the top of her favorite list.

Emma's Candy Layer Bar

The second recipe is something I created just for her.  I call them “Emma’s Candy Layer Bars”.  I’m hoping they’ll make the list too!

Note to my trainer: Given the goddess’ interest in health and fitness, anticipate a future recipe for a more healthy layer bar.  The testing kitchen is open!

Baker’s Notes: Most recipes for Seven Layer Bars call for you to pour the milk over the chips, then spread the coconut on top.  I pour the milk on after the coconut. Sweetened condensed milk is what binds all the dry ingredients together in these bars. It is made from a mixture of whole milk and sugar that has had about 60 percent of its water removed. Its consistency is thick and sticky (like honey) and it is very sweet tasting. It is most often used in baked goods and it takes on a lovely caramel flavor and color when baked.  Then on top for decorative purposes I throw on a handful of mini chocolate chips.  The classic recipe calls for butterscotch chips, but you can substitute peanut butter or white chocolate chips.

For Emma’s Candy Layer Bars, I used lightly salted pretzels, then added a bit of sea salt, to give it just the right amount of salty vs. sweet taste, again pouring the milk on after all other ingredients have been layered and throwing a handful of mini-chips on the top for a nice presentation.  For this recipe I used lightly salted pretzels and cocoa, but next time, I might just try crushing up chocolate covered pretzels to get an even more rich, chocolaty bar.  Also, crack the candy shells of the m & m’s and Reese’s Pieces candies before layering.

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5 Responses to People are like Seven Layer Bars

  1. Roni says:

    Well once again i am enjoying a delicious treat made with great ingredients. I have to say i liked the classic 7 layer treat bar because it was not as busy of a taste as emma’s treat was.. I like things that are simple taste and not to much going on. the classic one made me think of my grandma and how she made them.. good memories from a great treat.. the other one was to sweet and to many things going on but i did feel like a kid in a candy store while eating it. Over all they both had great textures and taste but hands down i liked the classic 7 layer bar best…

  2. mjr says:

    The classic 7 layer was fulfilling and packed a great taste into each mouthful without being over the top. Each bite was better than the one before it and I couldn’t wait to take the next bite even before I had finished chewing the prior bite. This was a bar I did not want to finish. Emma’s treat was full of excellent ingredients however as Roni indicated the contrasting tastes while individually satisfying as a combination were good and did NOT leave me yearning for me. While I did like it this treat failed to measure up to the classic 7 layer treat.

  3. Lisa McCauley says:

    I have heard the same comment as you about people either loving or hating 7 layer bars because of the coconut. I guess I believe it more to be true that people won’t even give 7 layer bars a chance if they don’t like coconut – which is truly sad for them! I wouldn’t say I’m a coconut lover but I do love 7 layer bars and always have! The original recipe you made, very closely resembles mine and the one I got from my grandma years ago! However, I have to say that I liked the Emma version equally if not just a tad more, perhaps because I’m a sucker for m&ms!! They were delicious!

    As for a healthy bar, that’s what clif bars are for – LOL – I think dessert is meant to be dessert and not everything in life has to be healthy!

    I also completely agree with you that people are like 7 layer bars and just like 7 layer bars, we often judge people based on one characteristic and deem them not worthy of our time, such as the coconut. We all need to learn to dig below the coconut and you may find you love what is underneath!

  4. Tammie says:

    I think that both options of the bar were so delicious. I happen to like coconut, so I thought that this was just up my ally. The sweet wasn’t TOO sweet; and the right amount of salty. Just like I like my friends! Loved your analogy. Very true about layers and that is the best part of being human, being able to uncover the layers and getting to the heart of people.

  5. Laurie says:

    I really liked Emma’s bars. I am not really a fan of coconut, but chocolate and pretzels, Yum. I liked the M & M’s and the extra sea salt gave it the perfect saltiness. Thanks!

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