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I was quite surprised at the reaction of so many, to my Frappé picture on The Chocolate Muse’s Facebook page.  Frappé is a coffee drink that originated in Greece and is available at most cafes there.  Drinking Frappé has become … Continue reading

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Today, along with the errands I ran, I happened to get sidetracked in the world of social media.  Seriously, one can spend a lot of time working on tweets and Facebook posts and such.  Before you know it you’ll be … Continue reading

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You say Potato, I say Patera

“There are two kinds of people in this world…. People who are Greek, and those who wish they were!” You probably think that this is a line from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  But nope, it’s not.  This … Continue reading

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People are like Seven Layer Bars

Another weekend has passed and another wonderful weekend filled with enjoyment of my daughters and time with friends.  Life has a way of presenting challenges and unexpected situations and this last week and weekend was no exception.  A close friend … Continue reading

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