Red Velvet For My Soul Mate

Imagine a creature with human characteristics that is round in shape with four legs, four arms, two faces, four ears, etc. This human-like being would be a powerful creature with mighty abilities and able to undertake great feats of strength.  It would have both male and female halves, thus allowing it to accomplish anything, solve complex problems with it’s great mind and show amazing compassion with it’s sensitive and solicitous heart.  Such a creature would be able to conquer the world, nay even the heavens.  But this could not be allowed.  This type of a creature would be too powerful, and so, would have to be split into two beings, one male and one female.  Which is exactly what Zeus did.  He split them into two beings and condemned them to wander the earth in search of their matching half, their Soul Mate.

A kindred spirit and I were discussing the topic of Soul Mates just the other day.  The conversation included an examination of our lives and relationships, and the time spent together that afternoon was gratifying and pleasurable.  Although no specific conclusions were drawn at the end of the afternoon, we did agree with the following quote from Richard Bach, American writer, “Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.”  Surely, Zeus would not begrudge us this joyfulness in life.  And so, the wandering search continues.

In tribute to the Soul Mate, The Chocolate Muse offers the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.  Two similar halves joined together by a creamy frosting middle.  The beautiful, bright red cake symbolizing love and passion.  A sinfully decadent dessert befitting the interconnection of soul mates.

Baking Notes:  The goddess was tempted to try a lemon mascarpone frosting, but opted to stick with the traditional cream cheese version instead.  If you are tempted (and I hope you are), let me know how it turns out.  Also, don’t over mix the batter, the cakes will turn out flat.  The recipes I used for the cake and frosting can be found on the ‘Featured Recipe’ page.  I did double the cake recipe.  Yield, approximately 20 Whoopie Pies.Historical Notes:  You can read the entire Soul Mate mythology as presented by Aristophanes in The Symposium by Plato.  There are also many other references to soul mate theories from other historical viewpoints, e.g. the Bashert.  Your comments and theories are most welcome!

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4 Responses to Red Velvet For My Soul Mate

  1. Shiona says:

    Ok, so I broke my diet for one bite of this amazing treat and it was so worth it! The first time I ever heard of Red Velvet cake was while watching the movie, “Steel Magnolias.” It was used for the body of an armadillo grooms cake, so that when you cut into the animal it would look like…well…the inside of an armadillo. They never explained in the movie what Red Velvet cake tasted like and I think I assumed it was some kind of berry. But it is chocolate! SO MUCH BETTER THAN BERRIES!
    I would definately not change the frosting. what could be better than Cream Cheese Frosting and chocolate, perfection.

  2. Suzann Norris says:

    OMG! So good! My favorite cake is Red Velvet. I have had red velvet cake, cupcakes and now this. Keep it as is with the cream cheese frosting. Perfect. Loved it. Mark and I ate them as soon as I got into the car last night. We didn’t even make it home.
    As far as the “Soul Mate” goes… as I said my soul mate and I ate your desset together. I found mine and I love the theory, believe in it and am living it! Need I say more?

  3. Roni says:

    well i am in love with red velvet and cream cheese… I love the texture of the whoopie pie over a cupcake.. I love cream cheese frosting on anything. They made me think of eating ice cream sandwiches.. (not taste) which as a kid i loved. This is a great treat to have with tea or coffee. As for being my soul mate… the only soul mate i have in the bakery world is anything with dark chocolate on it. I think i would try a little dip of dark chocolate on only one side. I also was nice and share with my mom and she is a expert in bake goods. She loves them also and loved how they melted in her mouth..

  4. Laurie says:

    So sad I missed this one, Becca loves Red Velvet! My cupcakes have become my favorite thing to bring to people. We will have to try your whoopie pies. I would leave the frosting alone. Cream cheese is classic. Try the lemon on something blueberry for next time.Yum!

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