Chocolate Covered Yoga?

Someone jokingly asked me recently if there was anything I haven’t tried to cover or coat in chocolate.  I actually had to stop and think about it.  And a funny thought popped into my head.  Yoga.  I’ve never really combined the two.  Then another thought occurred to me, drawing similarities between the two.  Where many yogis believe there is a dichotomy of commitment to yoga vs. love of food, I suppose I tend to look at things a bit differently than most.  Why shouldn’t it be possible to truly enjoy a yoga practice and indulge in eating chocolate?  The Chocolate Muse has inspired an answer.

I’ve practiced yoga for about 9 years now.  Practicing yoga has taught me many things.  It has taught me patience and brought me inner peace.  It has taught me to not be judgmental and critical of myself.  It has taught me how to clear my mind and focus on what is important.  All of this I have learned slowly, while learning poses, trying to focus and maintaining good breathing technique.  Yoga is a very spiritual experience and helps to develop awareness of your body and become more in tune with it’s sensations.  For me, yoga has become a ritual.

To many “yogier than thou” yogis, chocolate may be seen to be an indulgence of sorts, an almost sinful pleasure.  But chocolate is well known for it’s abilities to affect mood.  Chocolate contains compounds similar to those found in many drugs that are used to elevate mood.  Slowly eating chocolate and savoring the taste of each bite can heighten the body’s experience and eating chocolate in this manner demands that you slow down and enjoy the ritual experience of eating.

Eating chocolate can literally make you happy, in much the same way that yoga does.  Both practicing yoga and eating chocolate allow you to explore the mind body connection and find deeper ways to tap into your senses. Both activities take every day actions like eating and moving and slow them down so you can appreciate them, and I’m proud to say that I have passion for both.  Namaste.

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One Response to Chocolate Covered Yoga?

  1. Roni says:

    well that is interesting to me.. I have never done yoga and heard it was very relaxing for mind body and soul… That is what chocolate is for me. Chocolate makes me beyond happy… so maybe i should try yoga to see if i get the same happiness i get out of chocolate… I would do yoga then eat one of your yummy chocolate treats… total bliss.

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