So now that Easter is over, I asked myself this morning, “What should I do today?”  The answer is easy, of course.  Bake!  But after making truffles and cake pops for Easter, it would have to be something really special.  Something outrageous.  And chocolate.  After all, it is Easter Monday, the beginning of a new week and in many countries around the world, still a public holiday.  So, inspired by the small pile of dark chocolate candy my youngest set aside for me from her Easter egg hunt gatherings, I decided on Scandalous Brownies.  Using a basic recipe for a fudgy-type brownie, the goddess made a few changes and aptly named them “Scandalous”.  Why?  Because they are.  Even the making of this brownie is different.  The batter is not beaten, it is stirred.  And you watch them carefully, so as to not over bake.  This is not a chocolate treat in which to drown your sorrows or console your woes.  Oh no!  This brownie is exciting and sultry.  The anticipation of the exquisiteness of this rich treat begins about 10 minutes after you place them in the oven.  When the aroma of dark chocolate begins to fill the air, you know you have created something special:  a tasty work of art.

“The people no longer seek consolation in art. But the refined people, the rich, the idlers seek the new, the extraordinary, the extravagant, the scandalous.”  ~Pablo Picasso

So, pour yourself a glass of red wine, sit back and savor every bite.  Ahhhh…. absolutely scandalous!

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6 Responses to Scandalous!

  1. Jill says:

    You have picked the perfect name for these brownies. Now if I could stop thinking about them!! They are so incredibly moist and yummy! I am usually good about controlling myself with desserts but this one is extremely hard for me. My family will go crazy with the rich chocolate taste, good thing we don’t need to share :)

  2. Suzann Norris says:

    OMG! How rich and perfect were the brownies with a tall lass of cold skim milk! I liked the ones with nutes a bit better. Thanks for messing up my no carbs after dinner deal. The perfect comfort food after a long day (or in our case night ) at work. Would you dare to use a layer of carmel?

    Your biggest fan,

  3. Roni says:

    I really love chocolate more then i should.. I actually love the plain ones more because it was more of dark chocolate taste.. It was strong taste and i love it.. what seemed to be a chocolate chip in there was a great surprise .. it added a nice texture to it. As for the one with the nuts in it was a little to rich for me. they seemed a little to sweet for me..I love nuts in my brownies but not this time.. Over all I loved both of them but if i had to choose i would go with the plain ones because of the taste and texture.

  4. Shiona says:

    May be the best brownie I have ever had. I am a sucker for Dark Chocolate and Coffee! Mmmmmmm! I dont usually like nuts in my brownies, but I actually liked these, the nuts cut the richness and gave my teeth something to sink into. I could see these served warm with single scoop of real vanilla ice cream.

  5. Laurie says:

    The Brownies were really good, but I felt they were missing something. No I am not sure what. I was trying to think for you do they need a little more sweet? more vanilla. I am not sure and I hate to be the lone dissenter. The hint of coffee was nice and I liked that the nuts were so small. I think you are very close to brownie perfection. When do I get to try the cake pops?

  6. Marci says:

    The brownies were good. Not exactly the best word to describe the taste sensation I had when I sat down and really concentrated on the taste. The brownies were crumbly (that might have to do with the cutie that delivered them) but not too dry. I do think they were really rich and I immediately craved a glass of milk. I think that when serving these wonderfully “scandalous” treats cut them into smaller pieces (or serve with milk). I didn’t try the walnut brownies (due to an allergy) but the two little gremlins in my house thought they were the best they had ever had. The question is … will you share the recipe? I think if they aren’t too hard to make I would like to try.
    Keep up the great desserts… I will try anything (almost) that you make!!

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