My Chocolate Muse

“No Muse-poet grows conscious of the Muse except by experience of a woman in whom the Goddess is to some degree resident.” ~Robert Graves, British poet.

A muse is a deity that personifies various concepts like Force, Love, Harmony, Strength and Power. According to Greek mythology, there were three muses originally, and in later Hellenistic times society recognized nine muses, descendants of Zeus. Still other cultures allow for even more goddesses. Exactly how many there are isn’t important here. I’ll leave that to my brother, the mythology teacher.

What is important is that the concept is real. A muse is what inspires a writer or artist and guides their creativity, giving them the ability to do their best. Typically, the Muse is invoked at the beginning of an epic poem or major undertaking.

The Chocolate Muse is my personal endeavor to share my experiences. The goddess is present in me. My poetry is baking. And my Muse is chocolate. Divine. Innovative. Artful. Passionate.

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2 Responses to My Chocolate Muse

  1. Jill says:

    Love it all! Thanks for the definition :) I am a lover of your desserts!!!! If you bake it…..I will eat it!

  2. misterkay says:

    Can’t wait to taste some goodies on Easter!!!

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